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Highway 1 Resurfacing - Willingdon Ave. to Gaglardi Way, Burnaby

The $7.4-million project includes resurfacing Highway 1 in both directions including the shoulders and on and off ramps of connecting interchanges. We work closely with both WorkSafeBC and the provincial ministry of transportation and infrastructure. We ensure COVID-19 protocols including social distancing are followed during the construction work. To minimize driving delays work is done at night with a minimum of two lanes open to traffic through the work zone.

All Roads Asphalt Plant Construction - Part 3 - First Day of Asphalt Production

On this bustling day we've produced our own asphalt and started paving our plant site. It was successful live production quality test for our state-of-the-art facility!

All Roads Asphalt Plant Construction - Part 2 - Control Tower Lift

This is how we hoisted the control center of our brand new asphalt plant and powered it up for the first time.

All Roads Asphalt Plant Construction - Part 1 - Ground Breaking

This is how we began the construction of our state-of-the-art 2020 Gencor Asphalt Plant located under the Portman Bridge in Coquitlam, BC.

232 St. & 64 Ave. Roundabout Construction, Township of Langley

Still Creek Roundabout Construction for City of Burnaby

This latest project by ALL Roads converted heavily congested T-intersection into a roundabout configuration without traffic lights for the City of Burnaby. It was interesting and challenging job site due to its very tight and limited working area for large construction equipment, as well as heavy traffic from 3 approaches that gets congested constantly.

One thing worth emphasizing about this contract is that we self-performed with our own crews internally at ALL Roads the entire scope of works, which included, excavating, underground work, pouring concrete for new curb and gutter installation, pavement rehabilitation, light way fills installation, catch basins, lawn basins, storm drainage, permanent and decorative stamped concrete, sidewalk building, and pavement markings.

How Road Rehabilitation is Done

Lump Sum End Product Specification Contract, that included the following:

Excavation and embankment, supply, grading, and installation of granular base and subbase, various types of Geogrid Placement, Milling, Reclaiming, asphalt concrete paving, pavement markings, concrete and asphalt sidewalk, asphalt multi-use pathway, modification of existing and construction of new curb and islands, modification of existing and construction of new Manholes, catchbasins and lawnbasins, Rail Crossings, sodding and seeding, and gravel shouldering.

Vancouver area municipal road and highway improvements by All Roads Construction

All Roads Construction - Vancouver Area Road Building Company

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