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ALL ROADS Asphalt Plant Produces its 1 Millionth Tonnes of Asphalt

Watch our fun and interactive celebration! 1 million tonnes of asphalt produced in only 40 months. All done with no "lost day" safety issues and no out of specification mix ... and from one of the cleanest environmental plants in Canada.

Arterial Roads vs. Local Roads: What's the difference?

First in BC: 62 feet wide highway paving with echelon of 4 pavers side-by-side

Hwy 1 Resurfacing Project Phase 4

This project is for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure of British Columbia. This is the 4th year in a row that All Roads has been successful in gaining this contract. By September 2023, when all 4 phases put together, we will have resurfaced over 300 lane kilometres of the section of Hwy 1. And we will have produced and laid down 240,000 tons of asphalt.

Glory (and Bloopers:-) - Our Success Story for 2022

At ALL ROADS, our culture is the one of mutual respect, friendliness and enjoying candid happy moments as much as we do our hard work of paving smooth and quality roadways to help British Columbia moving forward. While it takes certain breed of toughness and endurance to keep rolling under scorching sun or freezing rain, baked by the steaming blacktop heat from beneath, our team takes it in strides and continue building world-class roads and highways by wearing smiles on their faces.

Concrete Works: The Centerm Expansion & South Shore Access Projects | Centennial Expansion Partners

Highway 91 & Highway 17 Upgrade Project, Metro Vancouver, BC

Contractor: Pacific Gateway Constructors

Owner: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of The Province of British Columbia, as represented by The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

Project/Work Description:

- 80,000 Metric Tonnes of Asphalt Paving
- Asphalt Milling
- 120,000m2 of Granular Base Preparation
- 5,500 Lineal-Meters of Concrete Curb
- 3,000 m2 of Concrete Flatwork Including Mountable Concrete Roundabouts
- Extensive Quality Control and Quality Management

Technologies used to maximize safety and provide a superior performing asphalt and ride:

- SmoothRide
- Intelligent Compaction
- Notch Wedge Safety Joint
- GPS Grading & Curb for maximum accuracy

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