City of Chilliwack - Asphalt Rehabilitation

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18,700 MT of asphalt paving completed in October 2019

Completion Date: October 30, 2019

Lump Sum End Product Specification Contract with extensive Change Orders initiated by City of Chilliwack that included the following.

Tree and shrub removals, protection, and trimming, excavation and embankment, supply, grading, and installation of granular base and subbase, various types of Geogrid Placement, Milling, Reclaiming, asphalt concrete paving, pavement markings, concrete and asphalt sidewalk, asphalt multi-use pathway, modification of existing and construction of new curb and islands, modification of existing and construction of new Manholes, catchbasins and lawnbasins, Rail Crossings, sodding and seeding, fencing, Electrical Improvements and gravel shouldering.

  • 29 Different Municipal Roadway Reconstruction Projects
  • Milling, Reclaiming, Widening and Paving
  • Installation of Storm Sewer Catch Basins and Lawn Basins.
  • Installation of Concrete Islands, Curb & Gutter and Sidewalks
  • Traffic Signal and Lighting Modification
  • Fencing, landscaping, Railway Crossing Improvements and Line Markings
  • 18,700 MT of Asphalt Paving

Client: City of Chilliwack
Project Engineer Information: City of Chilliwack

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