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Paving the way for success in Western Canada

Date Posted : October 25, 2023

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In the heart of Western Canada, All Roads Construction Ltd. has been quietly but steadily making its mark in the business landscape. Founded with a vision to connect communities and industries through well-constructed infrastructure, All Roads has emerged as a leading player in the region's construction and infrastructure development sector.

We evolved out of the industry's need to have qualified road construction and paving contractors who cannot only meet tight deadlines but also exceed all the current stringent specifications required from a variety of Municipalities and Authorities.

Formed in 2018, All Roads builds the roads, runways, and walkways that keep the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley region thriving. As one of Western Canada's largest, privately-owned paving companies, it is hard to find a civil or municipal road that has not been created by All Roads.

Specializing in road paving, site grading, roadway building-related concrete work, asphalt pavement milling, municipal infrastructure, and land development civil construction projects, All Roads works in all types of municipal and highway road improvements along with large complex arterial roadway maintenance Contracts in Western Canada, Greater Vancouver, and the Fraser Valley.

"We evolved out of the industry's need to have qualified road construction and paving contractors who cannot only meet tight deadlines but also exceed all the current stringent specifications required from a variety of Municipalities and Authorities," says Rod Stephens, President.


"When All Roads started, the vision was to use the latest technology and best control systems to take our industry to new standards of excellence in the Greater Vancouver Area," says Stephens.

For example, All Roads was the first in Canada to utilize LPS 3D Robotic Station Control Paving Technology, and recently had 4 highway pavers paving down Hwy #1 in echelon all running on GPS.

"This is possible as our in-house design team can scan a highway, design it in our office for smoothness and meet specified material volumes," says Stephens. "Then once the design is complete and approved, we upload the files into our milling and paving machines, and they pave the highway to the design. This takes all the guesswork out of the equation and keeps the project on budget delivering the best possible project for the taxpayers."

All Roads' in-house Design Team is the first team in Canada to utilize LPS 3D Robotic Station Control Variable Depth Milling Technology, and TopCon's "SmoothRide Systems" and Site Link Systems.

"We also use LPS Robots to localize an area for grading, paving, milling, or even concrete works where we have a design surface file that has coordinates as well as design elevations. We then use total robotic stations which communicate to our equipment," says Stephens. "So as the equipment is sitting on the surface it knows exactly where it is and what that design elevation should be at that point, based off the coordinates. The equipment is moving it will automatically adjust the height and/or the geometry to meet the design with no input from the operator."


Precision milling is the next area where All Roads shines. Precision Milling refers to a specialized construction technique used to remove a specific depth of the existing asphalt surface with a high degree of accuracy and control. This process is commonly used in road construction and maintenance projects to prepare the surface for resurfacing, repair, or improvement.

All Roads is proud to deliver on the cleanest asphalt in Canada - something the company hopes its competitors will soon emulate. The cleanliness of asphalt, often referred to as "clean asphalt," is an essential aspect of the construction and maintenance of roads and other paved surfaces.

Clean asphalt not only contributes to the overall appearance of roads but also plays a significant role in ensuring safety, durability, and environmental responsibility.

Technology has helped All Roads attract and retain the younger generation who grew up with joysticks and technology at there fingertips. "Our once experienced and talented labour pool keeps getting smaller and smaller, as our senior's retire," says Stephens. "We need technology to bridge the skills gap that everyone in our industry is facing."

In short, All Roads is the most technically advanced Paving Contractor in Canada - by far.


All Roads has left an indelible mark on Western Canada through its diverse portfolio of projects.

"We have been involved, simultaneously, in some of the highest-profile construction projects in the Lower Mainland," says Stephens. "Last year, some of our major projects were resurfacing Hwy #1 in the Surrey area and the Coquitlam Area, Grading, Milling, Paving, and completing Concrete Works on Hwy 91/17 Interchange in Delta, and helping build out The Port of Vancouver CEPSSAP project, which all ran consecutively, and all had extremely tight specification limits.

"It is our passion at All Roads to couple the use of the best control technologies available with the best people to deliver the strongest, smoothest, roads possible," says Stephens. "Our slogan is "All Roads Lead to Excellence" and when we consistently achieve that goal there is no better feeling!"

As All Roads continues to grow and evolve, its vision remains unwavering - to pave the way for a brighter, more connected future in Western Canada. With an unrelenting commitment to quality, sustainability, and community, the company is poised to continue its journey of success, building both roads and relationships that stand the test of time.



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