All Roads Successfully Performs Variable Depth Milling of a Highway with 2 Milling Machines in Echelon

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Date Posted: July 10, 2021
By Max Spedding, General Paving Superintendent

After careful planning and brainstorming and due to the nature of the work being an EPS (End Product Specification) Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure of BC spec job we found it was in the best interest to use two milling machines.

This way we did not have to lift up and re-position and could continue with a single pass at the full width of the lane. Considering a highway lane is 3.7 m wide and the milling drums are 2.2m wide, it was simple math. This enabled us to make a single cut and not have to pick up a machine several times and back up to square up the lane passes.

Ultimately anytime you pick up a machine and have to reset being a milling machine or paving machine there is a potential for bumps and dips which obviously contradict the whole premise of maintaining a smooth surface.

The other positive is that we are not impeding the production of the paving machine behind us by having to wait for a milling machine to back up so the continuous motion is another factor associated with maintaining a good ride.

This methodology in conjunction with a SmoothRide technology gives us the best chance at providing a high-quality product that is being well received by the travelling public.  


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