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ALL ROADS Asphalt Plant Produces its 1,000,000th Tonne of Asphalt

Date Posted : September 22, 2023

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September 22, 2023, marked the historic million-on-a-million day for ALL ROADS. In its 40th month of operation, our asphalt plant has hit 1,000,000 tonnes of production! That’s enough asphalt to pave over 2,300 lane kilometers of roadway.

How many kilometers of road can be paved with 1 million tonnes of asphalt?

If you drove from Vancouver or Langley, or you tried to skirt around traffic at Lougheed Highway or United Boulevard to get here, you drove over asphalt that was produced at this plant. That’s the impact we had in the industry. ‘You are everywhere’ is what people say to us. And that’s thanks to you – our crew, our customers who believe in us, and those who have your own paving company and buy the asphalt from us. Everybody combined has made this success for us and we truly appreciate it.

Rod Stephens

On Friday, September 22, 2023, we officially laid down our 1 millionth ton of asphalt on United Boulevard in Coquitlam. Our president, Rod Stephens, wanted to deliver the 1 millionth ton to the paving site on United Boulevard himself. Originally, he planned to load it symbolically on a shiny new white Freightliner truck, but his plan was spoiled due to a traffic incident on Port Mann Bridge that caused his truck to become unavailable. He instead ended up driving the 1988 Ford L8000, endearingly nicknamed The Old Glory, which has been a part of Rod’s career in the road-building industry for over 3 decades. Ironically, this truck itself has over 1,000,000 kilometers of mileage. Old machinery it may be, it carries deep sentimental value for ALL ROADS and Rod personally.

Delivering the 1 millionth tonne of asphalt on a truck with over 1,000,000 kilometers on it is certainly a joyous coincidence. But what’s more momentous was that the exact spot it was delivered to was the very same location where ALL ROADS story began in early 2018. The Tim Hortons at United Boulevard and Brigantine Drive was an unofficial office for ALL ROADS where Rod Stephens, Denis Labelle and Greg Regier, a group of burly men known among the ALL ROADS family as the “3 Amigos”, used to gather, took advantage of free WiFi for hours and “loitered” the restaurant for months, putting together a business start-up plan, including our now-well-recognized logo design!

Once the precious cargo of the 1 millionth tonne of asphalt mix was unloaded onto a paver’s hopper, Denis Labelle, our Operations Manager, had the privilege of laying it down onto United Boulevard, right across Tim Hortons! After that, Greg Regier, our Estimating Manager, enthusiastically did the final rolling.

As the busy day was winding down, we celebrated this milestone event at our plant by raising champagne glasses while our plant’s silos were already churning out the first few truck-loads of our next millionth ton of asphalt!

We thank our crew members, the boots on the ground who work tirelessly day and night, and our customers and suppliers who’ve helped us to reach this amazing milestone. We sincerely appreciate it here at ALL ROADS!

ALL ROADS’ ongoing path of success circling back to its origin at the Tim Hortons on United Boulevard for this celebratory moment is certainly a story we will tell to our next generation of road builders at ALL ROADS.

    What they have said...

    Congratulations on achieving the one million ton milestone. Really amazing! Thank you so much for your support of Brandt over the years. Its an honour to serve such a quality company as ALL ROADS! Great job on the video as well.

    Shaun Semple
    Chief Executive Officer
    Brandt Group of Companies

    Just watched your video, I'm not kidding, I laughed and I cried! Every once in awhile, I’ll ask Kyle or Max or someone from the old days if that Ford is still of use, very glad to see it is! Congratulations! Incredible achievement in such a short amount of time.

    Brad Bessett
    Original owner of Old Glory
    Chilliwack Gravel Sales

    Freaking awesome Rod! I just watch the whole thing!!!. Woohoo! What a great celebration. I love how you document it all. Special times!

    Adrian Alblas
    Burnaby Blacktop Ltd.

    I just watched the video. Not only was the production of the asphalt top notch so was the production of the video. Nice job. Congrats again!

    Brian Lawson
    Wylie Crump | NAVACORD

    This video is fantastic! Thank you again for letting us be part of your great milestone and accomplishment. We look forward to working with you on the next 1,000,000 tonnes!

    Ryan Paley
    Commercial Manager
    Lafarge GVA Aggregates

    Wow! Fantastic video and well done by your team. Congratulations again and looking forward to the next major milestone with you.

    Nelson Tomé
    General Manager
    Lafarge Canada Inc

    What a terrific milestone! I couldn't help but smile through the entire video. What a great tribute to you and the ALL ROADS Team. Extremely well done!

    Don Switzer
    Chief Operating Officer
    Brandt Tractor

    Congratulations! Love the video, what a coincidence that you were paving United Way for the one millionth tonne. The other geographic coincidence was you and I first met within a kilometre of the plant site and the Tim Hortons.

    Brent Balluff
    Balluff Consulting

    Rod, very proud of you Denis, Greg and the entire group for the amazing work you have all done to not only build this company to what it has become and accomplished in a few short years, but also the relationships we have all built. I look forward to the next million 'flippin' tons!

    Mike Ladd
    Sales Manager
    Brandt Tractor

    I know you guys are great at laying and selling asphalt, but it looks like showbiz is your next big thing. Congrats on the milestone and the great video! Now I know why Greg has been growing that nasty Mullet!

    Chris Cheney
    VP, Operations - BC
    Brandt Group of Companies

    This is flippin awesome! When is the ALL ROADS Reality series starting?

    Adam Pruss
    Major Account Manager - Construction
    Brandt Tractor

    Just watched your Millionth Tonner of Ashphalt video and LOVED IT!!! I still have a smile on my face as I type this - so proud of you guys!

    Jenny Reilly
    Jenny Reilly Consulting

    Awesome!!! Just a little reminder, Hollywood is right on the corner ... driving direction is included below. What a waste of talent. LOL

    Bruno Maluf
    Sales & Marketing Representative
    McAsphalt Industries Limited