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Together We Will Kick Cancer's Ass

Date Posted : June 12, 2024

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Sometimes in life the road you are on takes a temporary detour. Such is the case with our Asphalt Plant Manager Mr. Dennis Eby, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Here at All Roads we all matter to each other. We all take care of each other. You can't buy that. It is important that this culture of the company stays the same.

Joe Wheeler
Grade Foreman

Last year, when we were celebrating All Roads' 5-Year Anniversary, our grade foreman Joseph Wheeler said something that brought raw emotions in many of us.

"We share everything. We are like a family. We share all of our greatest triumphs and some of our worst tragedies together. That's what makes us like family. We are here for each other through all of those things. The guys talking about their kids, about their hopes for the future, and how they are so grateful that their wives put up with our workloads … all those things are so important. You just don't get that everywhere. You just don't. And here at All Roads we all matter to each other. We all take care of each other. You can't buy that. It is important that this culture of the company stays the same."

In recent months we've seen this exact sentiment being on display. Our Asphalt Plant Manager Mr. Dennis Eby has been diagnosed with cancer recently and last Friday we rushed for a completely impromptu and spontaneous gathering at our head office to express how we all appreciate Dennis' child-like smile and we will keep the lights on while he saddles up for this battle. Most importantly, our guys and gals wanted to let him know that he is not in this fight on his own.

Dennis, our friend, know that it is nothing more than a temporary detour or a few potholes that need to be patched up. Our collective support is behind you.

All Roads' president. Mr. Rod Stephens said "It was so heartwarming to see all of our employees at All Roads reach out to Dennis and treat him like a cherished family member. To watch his spirts soar and to see his positive attitude in action was truly inspiring." 

"We all know he will hit a few potholes along the way, but potholes aren't where we stop.  They're where we begin," said Mr. Stephens. 

Please join us as we follow Dennis's fight to "Kick Cancer's Ass".  The goal is to have him in remission and see him dancing on his new hip at our Year End Celebration this winter. To sweeten the mood of that upcoming happy day even further, it is a hand-shook pact, as captured in the video above, that Dennis will be dyeing his white (ish:-) hair black and one of our guys who has black hair will dye his as grey as Dennis'!

Now, it will be fun to see that moment unfolds, won't it?

Click here to watch the video of how Joe Wheeler said his sentimental expression quoted above, it is at the minute 13 mark.

A Letter from the Concrete Crew

Dear Dennis,

All of us on the curb machine crew wanted to take a moment to send you our best wishes as you begin your journey through treatment. Your courage and positivity inspire all of us, and we have no doubt that you will face this challenge with the same determination and positivity that you bring to everything you do. Remember that you are not alone, All Roads is a family and we are all here through thick and thin to support you every step of the way. Wishing you strength, comfort, and a speedy recovery. Take care and remember that our thoughts are with you.


Landon Rempel
Dan Cummings
Logan Elkey
Dave Kirkby
Juan Carlos
Rick Ribeiro
Cesar Ochoa
Tiago Pereira
Vinny Hoekstra
Paras Batra
John Catroppa 
Keaten Ribeiro
Phil Martins-Ahlo
Alex Gagnon
Carmen Black
Daniel Kutyla
Mathew Sage
Darryl Elkey
Johnny Ribeiro